Closing Out 2022

To the cherished customers of Little Lake Christmas Trees,

After having had an amazing season of meeting and getting to know all of you and your wonderful families this year, I’m afraid we have to announce that we are officially closed for the remainder of the 2022 Holiday season.

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to pick out their Christmas trees and hope that everyone still in search will find a perfect fit for them at a location nearby.

We will be opening again for the 2023 Holiday season and cannot wait to see you all then!

Please note: Any customers that have preexisting plans with us to pick out a tree are still able to swing by on the agreed upon date and time.


Limited Stock – 12′ and up only

After three wonderful weekends at the Farm, we’re sorry to announce that we no longer have trees in the 7′ to 11′ range. At this time we are considering any tree 6′ and under to be nursery trees.

For the rest of the 2022 holiday season, we will only be offering 12′ plus trees.

Feel free to call ahead, email us, or contact us on social media if you would like additional information.

We hope every family finds their perfect tree this year, (even if it can’t be with us) but we encourage you to stop by for a wreath, some hot chocolate and a chat anyway!


Now Offering Tap to Pay!

This means we will be accepting Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Google Pay, & Apple Pay!

We’re so excited to welcome you all to Little Lake Christmas trees as of November 19th! You and your family will be able to visit our Christmas kiosk, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy candy canes while you pick out the perfect tree.

We are also a dog friendly space!

Leonard (left) & Oliver (right), our two beagles will be more than happy to greet you at the entrance, however, they are on an Invisible Fence and will not be able to join you on your journey to the perfect tree. If you are uncomfortable with dogs, please call beforehand to let us know so that we can bring Leonard & Oliver inside and have them all cozied up inside for your stay.

Feel free to bring your own pup, but please pick up after them!

We are open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.